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  • To get started, you must enter an invitation number
  • Jefferson Capital Systems, LLC offers this program
  • You can reach us by phone or mail.

When the borrower receives a reward, it can make paying off past due debt a lot easier. Join the Payment Rewards Program. Jefferson Capital Systems, a debt collector, is offering low monthly payments in return for a “Debt Relief Credit”. Borrowers interested in participating can submit an invitation number and a SSN. Once the borrower has entered both information, they will be able to click the Start Here button and review their profile.

Jefferson Capital Systems: A View

  • The company is a buyer of consumer debt (buying those notes).
  • Each month, Jefferson provides information to credit reporting organizations
  • The company can service existing debt or pick up debt from its original creditors.
  • Jefferson Capital Systems has been certified by the Receivables Management Association

Once the invite number has been received, the borrower can then review the offer and decide whether to accept it. If everything looks fine, the borrower will be able to set up a payment plan in order to address past due debt. ).

The invite letter’s bottom right side will contain the invitation number. It is twelve characters long. The program doesn’t require that a borrower have a credit score to join. SSNs are only required for identity verification.

Toll-free phone numbers are available for those who have questions about Jefferson Capital Systems. The company is open between 8 AM and 6PM Monday through Thursday, from 8 AM to 4PM on Fridays to 8 AM to 5 PM on Saturdays, and 8 AM to 12 noon on Saturdays. Borrowers who have less urgent questions can write to the company’s postal address in Saint Cloud (MN).

Payment Rewards Program Contact Information

  • 16 McLeland Rd., Saint Cloud, MN 56303
  • 866-762-6189


  • www.paymentrewardsprogram.com

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