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If you ask someone to give up their day to complete a survey, it is important that the organization offering the survey offers a simplified process. This may be due to the many survey’s available online. 

Magnolia, for instance, is now collecting feedback using an easy-to use online survey located at www.magnolialistens.com. To begin the survey, simply enter a 6-digit employee code and click the Next button.

Magnolia: A Quick Pause to Take a Look at the Available Products

  • Teak Salt Cellar & Spoon – Store salt, sugar, and any other spice.
  • Vivian Dessert Dish It’s hard to resist a dessert served in one these beautiful dishes
  • Preserved Magnolia Wreath- PERFECT to decorate the front door in the fall
  • Amber Bottle Vase The rich earthy tones give a natural touch and add an organic touch to any living space
  • Magnolia Milk bucket – Great way to store household items, no need for a cow!
  • Green House Lantern- Guests will be astonished at its beauty when they enter the door

If you are curious about how many questions there are, take a look (or a pronged gaze if you wish) at the progress bar at the bottom of Magnolia Listens survey. If you have a lot of time, participants may click the Privacy policy link to learn how the survey data is used and shared.

In Waco, Texas in 2003, the first Magnolia Market opened. You can reach Magnolia Guest Services between 10 AM and 5PM Monday through Friday at 833-843-0590.

  • 601 Webster Ave., Waco, TX 76706
  • 254-235-0603


  • www.magnolialistens.com

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