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Enter the “Bacon for Life Sweepstakes”

  • The countdown shows the remaining time to enter.
  • You can register by mail-in or purchase
  • The Smithfield Consumer Affairs Number is available

It’s always helpful to know exactly how long a sweepstakes will remain open once it has been opened. Participants should not have any trouble finding out how long the Smithfield “Bacon for Life” sweepstakes will remain active. The handy countdown tool is located in the middle the registration page. It shows the remaining months, days, hours, and even minutes to enter the sweepstakes. Clicking the Register button will allow you to enter your name, email address and zip code. A drop-down box allows participants to disclose how they found out about this sweepstakes.

Recipes – Available at the Bacon for Life Sweeps Registry

  • Heirloom Caprese Salad With Bacon – Because bacon makes everything better!
  • Breakfast Sweet Potato With Bacon Sweet potato, over easy eggs and BACON
  • Easy Bacon Cinnamon rolls – Combine the sweet and the savory!
  • Bacon & Eggs Cups – A new way to enjoy the traditional home breakfast.
  • Bacon S’mores — Perhaps the best way to improve on the original S’mores recipe

Click the Recipes button at the top to see a complete list of Smithfield bacon recipes. You can also click the Products hyperlink to see other Smithfield meaty delights.

Follow Marty Smith on the streets to find out what other people would do with “Bacon for Life”, the Grand Prize in the sweepstakes.

Questions about Smithfield and the Bacon for Life Sweeps

  • You can review the Offical Rules by clicking on the link below the entry form
  • A comprehensive list of frequently asked questions is available for review
  • Smithfield consumer can be reached at 855-411PORK (just dial!)

The sweepstakes can either be entered by a Smithfield product purchase code or by submitting a written request. If you plan to enter by mail, please ensure that the request is received no later than December 31, 2018.

Bacon for Life Sweeps Mail Entry Address

  • PO Box 1796, Cranberry Township, PA 16066


  • www.baconforlifesweeps.com

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