Technology is advancing every day, and there is no doubt about that. 

Nowadays, you will find a huge number of alternatives for just one electronics product. 

For example, you can replace your mouse with a trackpad, Touchpad, etc.

But, Some things are never going to get old no matter what. And one of those things is the mouse of our gaming rig. 

You can try any alternative you want, but you will not find the satisfaction a gaming mouse can provide.

The gaming mouse is like a regular mouse, but it has many features dedicated to gaming. 

The manufacturers of gaming mouse focus on the needs of a gamer, for example, extra buttons on the thumb, lightweight, durability, and responsiveness.

Even though a regular user can also use a gaming mouse, only true gamers can see the potential of these features. 

Why do gamers prefer gaming mouse?

There is a huge difference between a regular mouse and a gaming mouse, and we will learn about it a bit later. 

A gaming mouse is not just a marketing gimmick to attract more gamers to buy a mouse, but It actually provides many benefits.

Every gamer has special needs depending on the game and their gaming style. 

Some gamers prefer lightweight models while others do not like them. 

Even some games require a lightweight mouse, and the General mouse does not provide any customization, let alone doing weight change.

The features of a gaming mouse provide so much comfort and support to all gamers. 

That is why most gamers prefer gaming mouse rather than using regular ones.

Features of gaming mouse

As you have already read, the gaming mouse comes with more features than a regular mouse. 

So let’s discuss a few features of the gaming mouse, Which will give you a better understanding.

Extra Buttons

Usually, you will find just two buttons on any trackpad or mouse, but a gaming mouse comes with an extra set of buttons so that you can easily use them while playing a game and perform better than anyone else.

For example, gaming mouse manufacturers provide two buttons on the top of the mouse so that you can easily switch DPI while playing the game. 

Apart from that, the gaming mouse also comes with a few buttons on the thumb place. 

These buttons allow you to fire while playing any survival-based game, or you can also use those buttons to jump.

You should always look for your specific needs and always buy a gaming mouse depending on those needs.

Higher DPI

Every gaming mouse is going to be higher in DPI as most of the games require more precision. 

The manufacturer of gaming mouse always keeps these needs in mind while designing a gaming mouse. 

That is why you will find almost every gaming mouse with higher than 20,000 DPI because of the specific needs of gamers. 


Gaming mouse manufacturers always keep the point of durability in their minds. 

As gamers, we rely heavily on our mouse to perform most of the actions in a game. 

That is why manufacturers provide extra button life and lightweight but durable material. 

Usually, most of the mouse comes with 10 million click button lifespan, but You can also find a gaming mouse that comes with a 50 million click button lifespan. 

Apart from that, you also get an option in many gaming mouse to change the weight of the mouse, which is a very unique and important thing.

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