Gaming has become a multi-billion industry worldwide. Because of that, there is no doubt that gaming is attracting thousands of youngsters each day. There is a possibility of making huge money in just a short span of time.

But, nothing comes easy in this world. The world of digital gaming is also getting saturated, and with each passing day, it is becoming harder to become professional in gaming also.

It is not impossible if a person understands the basics of a complete industry. Digital gaming or esports starts from having an interest.

After that, you should have the right equipment and knowledge of how to use that equipment.

The keyboard is among the most important pieces of equipment or tool in the gaming rig of an esport player.

A gaming keyboard is a slightly more advanced version of the regular keyboard, which is specially designed to fulfill the requirements of gamers in different games.

A gaming keyboard could be equipped with an ergonomic setup to programmable keys. These programmable keys are capable of performing tasks preset by the owner.

Features of gaming keyboard

Now, let’s talk about a few features of the gaming keyboard that will clear the picture in your mind. Even as a professional gamer, you might not require all of these features at the same time, but different games demand different kinds of features.

LED lights

One of the biggest features of gaming keyboards is LED lights. At first, you might laugh at a person who is going to select a gaming keyboard with LED lights, but if you start using it, you will be hooked to LED lights.

These different colored LED lights create a gaming atmosphere where you are going to sit. Every digital gamer in the world practices at least 6 to 8 hours sitting in the same position. 

If anyone is trying to do it for one or two days, then it is possible, but order to repeat the whole process for at least six months to one year can be really challenging, and you require regular motivation. 

Extra keys

Every gaming keyboard comes with so many extra keys, as you can imagine. First of all, you will get multimedia keys which will allow you to handle the music and volume while you are playing games.

At the same time, you will also get Macro or shortcut keys which will allow you to perform a specific function using just one key, which actually requires three or four keys. Most gaming keyboards come with five macro keys.

As a general user, you might not realize the importance of these extra or macro keys, but a gamer or professional will understand the need.

Key rollover and anti-ghosting

The next major feature of any gaming keyboard is key rollover and anti-ghosting. As a general user, you might not realize that while typing at a faster speed, you might make a mistake, and you are not responsible for that mistake. Whenever you press a few kids several times in a few seconds, your keyboard might register a key that is not even pressed by you.

As a general user, you might click backspace and start typing once again, but it is not normal for a digital gaming device. If you are in a competitive environment and playing digital games, then you cannot make any mistake unless you are out of that competition.

That is why a gaming keyboard comes with key rollover and anti-ghosting. Both of the features are going to help you while playing games. Some keyboards specifically block most keys other than ASD and W. These four keys are simultaneously used by most games. 

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