Michael Jordan Jump Shot – Amezing!

How Michael Jordan’s Jump Shot helped him achieve his greatness

Michael Jordan wasn’t a good shooter in his high school, college and early NBA years. Jordan was subject to the same criticism as Lebron James for not being a great shooter. Despite their respective field goal percentages being off the charts due to the high volume of shooting and the offensive load each carries, Jordan used his negative self-talk to stay in the gym and focus on his biggest weaknesses. Over the course of his career, he became a smarter, more efficient, and better shooter from the midrange and beyond.

Michael Jordan Jump Shot was not as good as the other elite scorers. This is one of Jordan’s most important aspects. Kirk Hinrich, who has now surpassed you in scoring 3-point field goals in Chicago Bulls history, is the moment you realize Jordan was an assassin. He was literally under the 3-point line, but he made big shots from beyond it. The game-winning shot in Detroit in the 1980s. Or the six treys against Portland.

He was a fierce competitor at the 3-point line. He would sometimes even make them with his eyes closed.

Michael Jordan Jump shot will be forgotten, but the photos he took will remain in our minds as the highlights. Jump shooting made it possible to drive endlessly to the rim in acrobatic layups or dunks. His fadeaway jumpers, turnarounds from post-ups and other moves would have been patentable by Kobe Bryant and Carmelo Anthony.

Tracy Mcgrady and Kevin Durant would also be paid millions in royalties to his Airness. Jordan stole some of his jump-shooting moves so it wasn’t Jordan’s originality that attracted us to him. But his dominance using these skills against the competition and Jordan Rules he faced, and his stubbornness to stick with these shots even when teammates and coaches pleaded for them; all these traits are what made Jordan’s jump shot, and Jordan himself, a deadly force on offense.

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