Most gaming enthusiasts are youngsters, and they always struggle with budgets. If you are also a young gamer and you want to create a new gaming rig for your fashion, then you might not even ask this question. On the other hand, if you are upgrading your old PC into a gaming rig, then you might ask, do we really need a gaming keyboard to play games?

Technically, it is a fair question to ask as every gaming enthusiast is just running after every product named gaming. Most experts believe that gaming product manufacturers are just playing with the mind of youngsters to push their products and create sales.

No, you do not need a gaming keyboard to play games on your gaming rig. It is not necessary to buy a specific gaming keyboard to play games, as you can easily play any game using your normal keyboard. 

But, the story does not end here. You can play games using normal keyboards on your gaming rig, but you cannot compete in a competitive environment playing games on a normal keyboard.

Normal keyboards struggle with so many features which are available on gaming keyboards. Because of that, gaming experts suggest everyone invest a good amount in a gaming keyboard. Let’s take a look at the major differences between a gaming keyboard and a normal keyboard. It will give you more clarity.

Durability and lifespan

If we compare a regular keyboard with a gaming keyboard, then the first thing we are going to experience is the durability and lifespan of the keyboard. As you might already know, the cost of a normal keyboard is much lower as compared to a good gaming keyboard.

Because of all that, it is obvious that gaming keyboard manufacturers will be able to spend more on the raw material and the features. Most gaming keyboards have to go through rough gameplay every time, and manufacturers of gaming keyboards understand this point. 

Usually, gaming keyboards are a bit heavier, and manufacturers use better material as compared to regular keyboards.

Programmable keys

The next major difference between a normal keyboard and a gaming keyboard is the programmable keys on the gaming keyboard. As a regular user, you do not need programmable keys where you can save macros. On the other hand, most gamers can not survive without programmable keys.

These macro keys or programmable keys allow you to record a macro, and with just one press, you can initiate that macro anytime you want. Usually, gamers press multiple keys in a sequence, and any mistake can lead to immediate elimination.

Because of that, gamers prefer programmable keys to perform critical tasks using a simple button anytime they want. You can play without programmable keys, but you might not be able to catch the accuracy.

Anti Ghosting and Key Rollover

As a regular user, you might not even care how many mistakes your keyboard is making. When we type anything at a faster speed, a keyboard can make a mistake by entering a key that you haven’t even pressed. It can happen with any normal keyboard. 

But, as a gamer, you cannot make this mistake because a single mistake can eliminate you from the whole tournament. That is why a gaming keyboard manufacturer came up with a function named key rollover and anti-ghosting.

Both of these functions can help you eliminate that error and provide more accuracy. Apart from that, some manufacturers can also pause other keys and focus on the four most important keys of the keyboard, which are ASD and W.

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