A lot of new gamers get confused when it comes to selecting a mouse because they are not able to differentiate between a gaming mouse and a normal mouse.

I can understand the dilemma because people who are not tech enthusiastic find it very hard to understand any new technology or term. 

At first glance, you might not find any difference, but when you research it in-depth, you will find a huge difference between a gaming and a normal mouse. 

We will discuss the major differences between a gaming mouse and a normal mouse. 

If you are a regular user, Then the end result of any mouse is not going to matter as all the mouse have one core principle of providing you the ease to use your computer.

Higher DPI

The first obvious difference between a gaming mouse and a regular mouse is the dots per inch (DPI). 

Even general users can spot this direct difference. 

Usually, you will not find a normal mouse with more than 5000 dots per inch, but With the help of his software, a gaming mouse can reach more than 20,000 dots per inch.

For a regular user, 2500 dots per inch is sufficient for the best-in-class performance, but a gamer cannot survive on 1000 or 2500 dots per inch. 

Every gamer requires a higher DPI to perform better in games. 

There are a few multiplayer games in which you have to move as fast as possible, and Ordinary or normal mouse cannot do it. 

You require a specific mouse with a higher DPI to perform these actions.

Better design

Gaming mouse are always going to be better in design as compared to a normal mouse. 

Gamers require different kinds of grip, but irregular users do not care about the grip. 

In recent years, gaming mouse manufacturers have started consulting with regular users To see their grip patterns and find the most common ones.

Most gamers like fingertip grip, claw, or palm grip style to enhance their gaming experience and perform better than everyone else. 

As gamers, we can adjust to anything but grip style as it is our behavior.

More buttons

You might have seen extra small buttons on the top of the gaming mouse or on the place of the thumb. 

These buttons perform so many different tasks than anyone can ever imagine. 

For example, you can use the buttons given on top of the gaming mouse to adjust the dots per inch settings with just 2-3 clicks. 

At the same time, the buttons given on the thumb can perform various actions, such as jumping, running, fighting, etc.

All of these buttons can be easily customized using a specific gaming mouse software. 

Most gaming mouse developers also provide software so that users can easily customize these buttons.


Lastly, a gaming mouse provides so many options to customize It as compared to a normal Mouse. 

For example, you can easily change the dots per inch in a gaming mouse which is not possible to do on a regular mouse.

Similarly, normal mouse do not allow you to adjust the weight of the mouse whenever you like it. 

There are a few models of gaming mouse which allow you to increase or decrease the weight of a gaming mouse depending on your needs. 

RGB Lights

RGB LED lights are also one of the biggest features of a gaming mouse. 

Gamers require some motivation, and LED lights have become one of their biggest motivations.

You will find LED lights on keyboards, cooling systems, monitors, and gaming mouse as well.


A few gaming mouse also come with multiple connectivity features. 

For example, a gaming mouse will come with Bluetooth technology and a USB wire so that you can connect your gaming mouse any way you like.

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