Top 10 Best Holiday Destinations in Tunisia To Visit

Tunisia is full of sun and sand, as well as rich history. You can relax with all-inclusive service at the resorts and beautiful coastline. You can also relax on the beach for as little as a few hours. Where to go? We can help.

Tunisia is known for its diversity. There are three options: a hot, dry south, a green north or an arid center. The resorts in the northern part of the country are ideal for those who love to dive and enjoy pebble beaches. You will find sandy beaches that have a slight entrance into the water in the south.

From May through October, you can swim in the warm sea. You don’t have to relax on a chaise lounger. There are many ways to make your stay interesting, including learning about history and sports, or taking trips to see the beauty of this country. Check out our recommendations for the best Tunisian resorts.


Djerba is best holiday destinations in tunisia. It is North Africa’s largest island. It is located just three kilometres from Tunisia’s mainland. The best part about it is that it can be reached by dry foot via a dike built on old Roman foundations. Film directors have been known to shoot classics like Star Wars here.

Djerba is famous for its sandy beaches and turquoise waters. It also has mild weather. Horseback or camel riding along the beaches is an excellent way to see the beauty of the area. For something more unusual, you can head east to Explore Djerba Park. It consists of a museum and a park with historical crafts. There is also an observation station for the Nile crocodile. Djerba is also an excellent starting point for Saharan safari trips.


Gammarth, a resort located on the coast of Tunisia is frequently regarded as one of the most luxurious in Tunisia. This city is surrounded by lush vegetation and lined with palm trees. It is also well-known for its charming harbour and high quality resorts. The beaches are ideal for couples, families with children and individuals. The town center offers many activities including snorkelling, diving, and water skiing. You can ride a tourist train through Gammarth and the surrounding areas. It takes you through quarters that were once home to wealthy Tunisians. You can also visit the famous excavations in Carthage Station.


Hammamet, a charming coastal city, is a popular and best holiday destinations in tunisia for tourists. The area is known for its long sandy beaches, palm trees and quality hotels. It also offers a lively nightlife, a variety of water sports, and excellent service. It is a great resort for everyone because everyone can find their place here. You can have endless fun here because the sea is warm. Rent diving equipment and jet skis if you are short on time.


It is one of the most well-known resorts in Tunisia, but it still maintains the charm of a typical Tunisian city. The international airport Monastir Habib Bourguiba is located directly in Monastir. This makes it very easy to get around the resort. The charming atmosphere in the city is similar to that of Mahdia. It features the fortified monastery Ribat, built in the late 8th Century AD and used to protect against Crusaders. There’s also a local mosque, and a picturesque historical centre (medina), which has many old houses, shops and restaurants.

This city is home to Habib Bourguiba the first Tunisian president. His remains are kept in the mausoleum which is richly decorated and well worth a visit. You can find beautiful beaches all around Monastir’s coast. The most stunning beach, with its gradual entrance into the ocean, is located just behind Monastir towards Sousse.

Do you feel the need to go on walks or take a trip? You can find almost anything at the Tunisian market. The Carthage Land theme park has water slides, water slides, and castles that children will love. You can also enjoy a stunning view from the fortress and old town.


Kelibia is located at the cap Bon peninsula, on the so-called Orange Coast. It is also best holiday destinations in tunisia. It is renowned for its stunning views, white sand beaches, and recently restored 6th century fortress. The area is home to a wide variety of citrus fruits and wine. The local orange blossom festivals are worth mentioning, which take places every spring. It is a common scent that will make your head spin. You can also take a bus to Nabeul Hammamet El Haouarie Kerkouan. We recommend that you rent a car to explore the whole Cap Bon peninsula.

El Haouaria

El Haouaria, a small village located on the Cap Bon Peninsula, offers beautiful scenery, green hills, and clear water. Although the resort is small, there are many attractions. The caves at El Haouaria are one of the most impressive places. They were formed by stone mining in the 7th-6th centuries. It was used to build Carthage, other cities, and their main monuments in the 7th-6th centuries BC. It is also home to migratory birds that stop at this site every spring as they travel to Europe. This is why falconry continues to thrive here.

La Marsa

La Marsa, a popular holiday resort, is known for its 13-kilometer stretch of golden sand beaches that run from La Marsa to Gammarth. There are also small bays that offer tranquility and peace. The fine sand encourages walking barefoot, as the sea shimmers in a variety of shades of emerald. Families with children will find it easy to get into the water. High tide is a great time to enjoy the sparkling waves and the beach atmosphere. You will find many different restaurants, cafes, and bars in the town, as well as on the beaches, so it is easy to find refreshment.


Mahdia, a small fishing village, has preserved some of its traditional traditions. You can still see the windows of houses decorated with gold jewellery by women. The area is known for its white Moorish-style houses and stunning mosques and minarets. It also has beautiful beaches of white-sand. This is the place for you if you prefer a more peaceful holiday. Perhaps that is why Mahdia is so popular among people who return to Tunisia often.

Mahdia, in many ways, is very similar to Monastir. You will find a charming historic center (medina), giving the town a unique atmosphere. There’s also a huge defensive fortress Borj el Kebir, which dates back to the 16th century. A large cemetery can be found not far from the fortress. The Cape Africa lighthouse is also worth mentioning. Mahdia has two long, sandy beaches. The more popular and busy is the northern beach, where most hotels are.


Nabeul is also known as “the city of potters” because of its extensive ceramics production. You will find a traditional Tunisian resort here with a long sandy beach and modern hotels with swimming pools and beautifully irrigated greenery. It was once known for producing Garum fish sauce, which made the streets unpleasant. But, the production of fish sauce Garum was banned long ago. You can still enjoy the fragrance of jasmine or citrus fruits at the local markets.

Business trips are a breeze in Nabeul. You can take the long sandy beach connecting Nabeul to Hammamet. For a unique experience, you should visit the interior. Here you will find the atmosphere of Tunisian settlements, and the local hills.

Port el Kantaoui

Port el Kantaoui, a resort that borders Sousse, is smaller but more popular than the bigger one. The resort was constructed in the 1980s as a tourist attraction. There are no monuments or interesting histories. They will have the opportunity to enjoy a variety of entertainment activities such as paragliding or jet skiing. There are beautiful blue and white buildings, clean beaches, and a gradual entrance into the water that is approximately 10km long.

Port el Kantaoui’s nightlife is extremely rich thanks to a number of bars, restaurants, and discos. For example, you can take a train to Sousse to continue on to Monastir.

Sidi Bou Said

Sidi Bou Said, one of Tunisia’s real treasures, is Sidi Bou Said. This village is known for its beautiful blue-and-white houses and stunning views over the bay. It has attracted many tourists who wish to experience the beauty of the area. This charming resort is about 20 kilometers from the capital, and it is a great place to take a day trip. You will find lovely cafes here where you can have delicious Tunisian coffee or sweet baklava.


Sousse, a port city in the Sahel, is well-known for its beautiful beaches. It is lively and vibrant, where the past meets the present. You can enjoy the city’s centuries-old history and water fun, as well as quality services offered by local hotels. In 1988, the UNESCO World Heritage List included the Medina (old part) of the city. You will be amazed by the incredible walls and monuments, as well as covered alleys where you can bargain for a rug and get it on the wall.

The catacombs that run under the entire city are a special feature. You should also visit the fish market. Although it may be a surprise to the European, the idea of holding fish on the ground, in a pile made of ice, is perfectly safe.


Tabarka, a small town on the coast of Tabarka, has a few kilometres of golden sand beach and lush vegetation. It is known as “Tunisian Switzerland” because of its combination of mountains, forests and sea. The resort is a must-see, especially for those who enjoy watching life below the water. This is the ideal spot for divers in Tunisia. There are many treasures to be found, including coral reefs, caves and tunnels.

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